aging is normal being older is being beautiful believe it

Some women and men, particularly those who are single, feel unattractive as they age and become convinced that love and sex will elude them. Instead of finding ways to reduce their negative attitude toward aging, they tend to hide behind various activities, such as overeating, using drugs, and mainly sharing their lives with other similarly oriented people. What can be done about these feelings when they appear to be based on the reality of growing older?
First is the need to realize that such feelings are colored by the awareness of a broad-based negative attitude in our culture toward the aging person. In other cultures older people are looked up to and loved for their wisdom. The signs of aging are seen as beautiful and indicative of one’s experience that comes with the passing of time.
In our culture the opposite has taken place. Certainly, many older people are revered and often held up as examples to be emulated, but this has little to do with the underlying feeling that being old is equivalent to being unattractive. Young people often have trouble imagining that their parents and other older people desire sex and romance.
Fortunately, a new trend appears to be developing. The 78 million baby boomers are beginning to enter the age of retirement and are refusing to allow old beliefs about aging to continue. As a group they are very positive and maintain a sense of youthfulness, which may be changing the negative attitudes about growing old.
Many older people are accepting their aging as part of the natural life cycle that in no way excludes feeling worthwhile and beautiful. They are developing a new mindset. If you believe that old is beautiful, then indeed you will feel beautiful.
Is this difficult to accomplish? For some, the answer is yes. For most, the answer is NO, but it does require breaking attitudes that have governed your life for years. Think back when you were young. Did you revere older adults and see them as beautiful and accept that one day you too would reach that age? Or did you tend to write them off and find it difficult to imagine that one day you would stand in their shoes?
By overcoming negative beliefs you will begin to actively change your view of aging. Instead of taking the passive road to getting older you will begin to find ways to live up to your growing acceptance that being older is being beautiful and deserving of the love and romance that comes with such an attitude.